Monitor your egg belt from your collection table.

How Watchdog Works

Sensors placed in the pass through monitor the egg belt to ensure eggs are flowing. If the flow is stopped, the sensors wirelessly communicate to the gateway a blockage message, which then alerts the user with audible and visual warnings on the LED display.

Quick 3 Step Install

Drill sensor holes with the provided hole template and mount the sensor bracket to the passthrough. 

Attach the node to a nearby cable with the  thumbscrew and nut.

Mount the gateway next to your egg room and power on!

Pricing Plan

$100/ sensor pair
  • Sale Pricing 33% Off
$200/ gateway
  • Sale Pricing 33% Off
  • Dashboard Included

For egg blockage detection, sensors are placed in the pass through between nesting boxes and relay information about egg production back to a dashboard located at the collection table.

Gateway receives messages from the sensors and displays results onto the dashboard.

*The dashboard is typically sold separately and can be connected modularly with various other upcoming sensors. Coming soon include sensors related to ambient condition monitoring such as temperature, humidity, and wind-speeds. 

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