Monitor Your Poultry House From Your Couch

21st Century Poultry Farming with Poultrygeist Technology

What is Poultrygeist?

Poultrygeist is a system developed by Next Century Farms that monitors and identifies water leaks and dead chickens, notifying farmers of the exact whereabouts within their poultry house. Furthermore, Poultrygeist is able to track ambient conditions, enabling farmers to track how changes affect mortality and growth.

Features Supporting Your Poultry House

Water Leak in Poultry House

Leak Detection

Our system can detect water leaks in your poultry house. Then, alerts you of the location immediately.

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Mortality Detection

Our system pairs thermal imaging with computer vision. Hence, enabling it to detect dead chicken in your poultry farm.

Sample Graph of Poultry House Conditions

Ambient Condition Monitoring

Monitor your poultry house's ambient conditions! Try our demo app to see how!

Get notified when things happen in your poultry house!

No more looking for leaks and dead birds when poultry farming.

*No need to download anything!

Georgia Tech's Create X Program


Poultrygeist is part of the 2019 batch of Georgia Tech's startup incubator, CREATE-X.

Image of team at Georgia Tech's Capstone Expo


Poultrygeist took home the "best interdisciplinary project" award after showcasing a prototype of the system at Georgia Tech's Spring 2019 Capstone Expo.